Fully-Integrated Multi-Medium Fullfillment

Every great auto dealership marketing solution needs a system to maximize deliverability of messages across multiple channels. Our system focuses on capturing the customer's attention via responsive email, variable mail, direct calls, and in-dealership cues. Each medium is fully customizable and connected to our powerful database engine.

Trigger-Based Email & Mail

Variable Content Messages are sent automatically when the customer reaches key milestones.

Point of Sale Material & Forms

Connecting the dots at the dealership reinforces the value of our programs.


Power and Efficiency

Data is key and crunching that data in special ways provides powerful content to market. We can calculate rewards and incentives based on all kinds of customer activity and statuses. We also combine this data with other valuable data to provide a constant competitive advantage. In Summary, our engine will always be able to get you to your automotive customer retention goal.

Customized Rewards Categories

We set goals first, then the standards of how to achieve them

Variable Points Calculations

We right-size every program to ensure right balance of reward and profit

Unlimited Club-Based Memberships

Power to create new clubs and opportunities to grow business


Providing your Team with the Right Information

Its critical to be in the know. To a customer, its nice to know that your dealership knows you, your vehicle, past, and what you need next. Our database is connected to a special application called "SmartTerm" that places the most pertinent information at the Service Advisor's fingertips. Imagine your Service Advisors knowing how to handle points, memberships, upsells, and much more.

View Customer Information & Values

Advisors will be able to see values on SmartTerm while inputing the Repair Order

Mileage-Based Up-sell Coupons

Advisors will be able to sell the right services and the right time

Print & Send Reward Statements

Reinforce principles of the program by providing customers real-time value


Personalized Experience for Every Customer

Communicate directly to the customer on their channel (their own website). Customers are able to log in and view their information, vehicle details, and reward & incentive values through their own SmartTech portal. Everything is personalized and connected throughout our system providing a special experience not available at other dealerships. Each portal is customized to deliver the desired program and branding of each dealership.

Consumer-Personalized Secure Website

Customers can register and log in via mobile or desktop

Audience-Specific Coupons & Messaging

Each customer's situation is different requiring specific offers for every situation

Customer Service & Rewards/Club Activity

Customer will see their current vehicle's service history and calculate rewards