SmartTech's Programs Get Real Results

Here's just a few of our great dealers that utilize our auto solutions and reward technologies. Members of reward-based programs transact more providing our clients with the highest level of retention and profitability. Our programs perform and many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years and still expanding.


PA & NJ - Since 2005

Current Programs: Sales and Service Rewards, Used Vehicle Program, ToyotaCare Program, Custom Oil Change Program.

“SmartTech has been extremely helpful to us in our service business. The program has been very easy for our advisors to use on a daily basis. It has had a positive effect on customer retention and customer loyalty. We have been on this program for 13 years and will continue to do so. I would highly recommend this company since we have had so much success with it. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.” - Jack Donaldson, Service Manager


PA - Since 2009

Current Programs: Sales and Service Rewards, Custom Service Plan.

“The SmartTech program is an extremely valuable customer retention tool for Scott Honda. It enables me to save customers money, while providing the opportunity to offer additional services. My customers all enjoy the benefits of this great program, it keeps them coming back. It’s simply the best customer loyalty out there!” - Doug Parisano – Lane Manager


CA - Since 2013

Current Programs: Sales and Service Rewards, ToyotaCare, SubaruCare, Used Vehicle Program.

“SmartTech has given us the ability to offer a Rewards/Retention program to our new and existing customer base that integrates well with our DMS and has been well-received by customers and employees alike. We are all smiling!” - Dave Van Rooy


DE - Since 2009

Current Programs: Sales and Service Rewards, Custom Oil Change Program. All 5 Dealerships.

"The SmartTerm tool bar automatically pops up and populates when advisers are dealing with customers. One of the best tools in the industry that makes all these programs work!" - Pat Arnotte – Service Director


PA - Since 2004

Current Programs: Sales and Service Rewards, ToyotaCare, Pre-Paid Maintenance, Lease Capture.

“TriCounty Toyota was SmartTech’s first customer and it is a gamble that has paid off well for us. Ten years later as the industry slowed down our excellent retention helped us increase dollars and RO count without any hiccups. We are glad we invested in our best customers with a rewards program and I cannot imagine any other company providing better service or a better product than SmartTech. We highly recommend this product!” - Bryan Kreger, General Manager

"Every dealership in the country should have this toolbar!" - Craig Johnson, Service Director


NJ - Since 2013

Current Programs: Sales and Service Rewards, Custom First Service Program.

"After watching our Honda retention numbers increase seemingly month over month I felt I had no choice but to put this product in all my stores." - Wyatt Vince, Dealer


We take great pride in our clients and have more stories to share. Feel free to contact us and arrange time to speak with our clients. Our commitment will be evident and our passion for excellence relentless.